Demo release for Windows and browsers


Current status of the project 12-27-2020

English (US) support 100%
Demo progress (Fortschritt) 100%
Demo after effects + parallaxing 60%
Lands of Lore 4 progress (Fortschritt) 9%
Fertigstellung aller Main Charaktere - Completion of all main characters 44%
Sounds Fortschritt - Sounds progress 41%
Story Vollständigkeit - Story completeness 100%
Maps komplettierung - Maps completion 26%
Events komplettierung - Completing events 18%
Intro Main not Demo 20%


Alpha Demo by Lands of Lore Destiny of Revelation from 10-25-2020 as download and web browser version

Contains an unfixed error in the German version (texts in the combat tutorial are not loaded) 153 MB 7zip

Where the chaos begins
With English sport


Backup of the web browser version of 9-29-2020

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